Imagine the Green Movement getting a gun. When the time comes to change the world, Jim Jones has decided to make a movie but not just another version of an ‘Inconvenient Truth’ or ‘The Eleventh Hour.’ Jim Jones has decided preaching to choir is great and all, but broadcasting the assassination of a petroleum CEO might be a more direct message. And that one bullet only costs fifteen cents. One shot is all it takes.

Director … Nick Trivundza
Writer … Nick Trivundza
Stars … Reed Daniels,  Erin Gilley,  Cole Panther
Torrey Loomis … executive producer
Josh Jones … co-producer
Ryan Todd … co-producer
Lexie Findarle … producer
  • CLIENT Nick Trivundza
  • YEAR 2011
  • WE DID Executive producer
  • PARTNERS Nick Trivundza